Riding With Us
So, How Does It Work?
Travelling with Pincab couldn’t be simpler! Here’s how it works.
  • Begin by downloading the free app and register as a passenger.
  • Your devices’ GPS will determine your current location or Pick-up Point – You can also enter it manually.
  • We’ll notify the nearest driver that you want to take a ride.
  • One our friendly drivers will accept the ride and arrive in a few minutes.

When the driver arrives, you’ll be able to verify the booking confirmation with them and hop on in!

Upon arrival at your destination, the fare will automatically be paid to the driver via your nominated payment method.

Passengers also get the opportunity to rate their experience for each ride and provide their driver with feedback.

How Can I Start Using Pincab?

Just download the Pincab app, register some personal details and you’re good to go.

It’s easy to sign up within the app in minutes!

However, we have certain eligibility requirements in place to maintain quality and safe service standards. As a passenger, you just have to:
  • Provide true and correct personal information, and;
  • Agree to the Pincab Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.
Our Services And Pricing
  • Executive - Chauffeured Service
  • The Executive service is our luxury travel booking class.
  • Travel in luxury hire and chauffeur-driven vehicles.
  • 4-person seating capability, with standard boot storage.
  • Depending on the driver’s profile, magazines, Wi-Fi and light refreshments may be offered.
  • $10.00 App Access Fee + $2.00 per kilometre + $0.30 per minute
  • Minimum fare value of $20.00.
  • The App Access Fee will be charged in the event of a booking cancellation.

Any Tolls and applicable Airport fees are unfortunately an additional charge for both driver categories.

How do I pay for my ride?

Fare payment is so easy!

Upon arriving at your destination, the fare will automatically be charged to your nominated payment method. Only Credit Card payment is accepted, and includes any commissions or toll fees along your route.

No cash on hand is ever required, which is what makes Pincab so convenient!

Drivers and passengers are automatically sent a trip receipt to their nominated email addresses.

How To Use The Pincab App

After successful registration, use the Home screen to request a ride.

  • First, select your desired ride service, either Taxi+ or Executive.
  • Press the Request Now button to find a nearby driver.
  • Once your pick-up request has been accepted, you’ll be navigated to the Driver Accepted screen. This shows the driver’s vehicle information, registration and contact details.
  • You will receive a notification when the driver arrives at your location.
  • Let the driver know where you would like to go and enjoy the ride!
  • Upon arrival at your destination, the driver is automatically paid using your nominated credit card.
Earn Pincab Points – Compare Scores Among Fellow Pincab Users!

As a driver or a passenger, Pincab allows you to accumulate Pincab points respectively.

Drive or ride your way towards the top of the ranks, impressing your peers with your Pincab score.

Sign-up as a passenger and receive 50 Bonus Pincab Points, or 100 Bonus points for new drivers to begin with!

In the not-so-distance future, we will be introducing a Loyalty and Rewards Program, making your points redeemable.

Earning Pincab Points is pretty straightforward – Basically, points are earned when fares are completed, or for passengers, when you take a ride with Pincab.

Passengers will be awarded 2 Pincab Points for every dollar spent on travel. Also, this is how additional points are incurred:

10 Pincab Points are awarded when:

  • Passengers and Drivers successfully complete a trip.

20 Pincab Points are deducted when:

  • Passengers and Drivers momentarily cancel a booking.
  • A driver rejects a ride after cancelling an accepted pickup request.
Being a Passenger – A Few Things You Should Know

Booking and riding with Pincab is a unique and exciting experience!

When taking a new ride, be sure to:

  • Verify the driver and their registration details.
  • Never accept a ride if the details don’t match.
  • Show the driver your Booking Screen to verify the correct details.
Pickup from Melbourne Airport
Executive Chauffeur Driver

Executive drivers pick up from VHA Ground Floor, and Level 1 Short Term Carparks, near the Park Royal Hotel.

You’ll be able to track the driver’s location once your booking is confirmed, providing an estimated time of arrival.

Taxi+ Driver

Taxi+ drivers pick up from the Public bays in front of the Park Royal Hotel.

Note: If you’re unsure how to find the above, please contact the driver.

Remarkable Security and Safety

Boasting remarkable security and safety, our drivers must meet our driving record criteria to become approved, in conjunction with satisfying tough licensing conditions and background checks.

Pincab uses 2048-bit Key RSA security and encryption measures to safely and securely transfer personal and confidential data online.