Frequently Asked Questions

A. When you request a ride, a notification is sent to the driver nearest to your location (determined by your phone’s GPS). Unfortunately, passengers are not able to pick their driver.
A. Try to contact the driver directly to find out if there is a problem, mechanical issues etc. If the driver doesn’t answer, you may cancel your ride without incurring a cancellation fee after 15 minutes from receiving the booking confirmation.
A. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a full, or partial refund (for the distance you’ve already travelled).
A. Unfortunately, you will still be charged for the distance travelled and the accumulated time of the trip. It is recommended that you communicate with your driver at the earliest convenience if you suspect the driver is travelling an incorrect route.
A. No. We don’t permit our drivers to accept more than one fare at a time – even if the fares’ destinations are located nearby to each other.
A. In the event that an emergency situation occurs, be sure to call 000 immediately. Ensure the meter/app is immediately stopped or paused. Let the passenger vacate your vehicle safely and contact the Pincab support team to report the incident when convenient.
A. Politely explain to the passenger that you are unable to accept their ride request as excessive luggage or large items are not permitted for transportation. Hit the ‘Do Not Charge Rider’ button to cancel the ride.
A. Contact the Pincab support team as soon as possible to provide the correct account information.
A. Each payment week ends every Sunday night at midnight (11.59pm). The funds will be transferred 7 days from the last pay day. Subsequent to this current pay day, we will transfer the funds on the following Monday. Funds should be available within 2-3 business days after funds are transferred on the Monday.