Become a Pincab Driver and make some extra cash!
Drive with Us!

First of all, becoming a Pincab driver is free!

At Pincab, our driver’s and passengers’ safety are our number one priority.

If you love driving, meeting new people and are willing to get them to their destination safely and efficiently, register today!

Besides being genuinely friendly in person, there’s just a few basic things we need from you.

Important information for Drivers

To be a Pincab Driver, you must
  • Be over 21 years of age.
  • Have a current Victorian Driver’s Licence.
  • Be well presented, sociable and professional.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the Australian road rules and follow them accordingly.
  • Be vehicle and driver accredited by the Victorian Taxi Services Commission.
  • Have at least 6 months of Taxi or Hire Car or Chauffeured driving experience.
  • Hold an ABN.
  • Be appropriately insured – You need to be the listed driver on your Commercial Insurance policy.
  • Be legally allowed to work in Australia.
  • Not have any advertising material displayed on, or inside of your vehicle.
  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.
Drivers can login to the app using their personal Pincab Email Identification.
While you as the driver earn the fare, Pincab deduct the following as their fee:
  • 10% commission of the total fare if you’re a standard Taxi+ Driver or;
  • 12% commission of the total fare for Executive Drivers.

Drivers and passengers are automatically sent a trip receipt to their nominated email addresses.

Approved Driver Vehicles for Executive and Taxi+ Classes
Please Note: For chauffeur drivers to be eligible to work within our Executive Class, vehicles must be fitted with approved VHA or VHB hire-car plates.
Make Model Year
Holden Caprice 2011 or later
Chrysler 300 Series 2011 or later
Hyundai Genesis Later models approved at our discretion.
Volvo S90, XC90 Later models approved at our discretion.
Lexus ES, GS, LS 2011 or later
BMW 5 Series and 7 Series 2011 or later
Audi A6, A8, Q7 2011 or later
Jaguar XF, XJ 2011 or later
Mercedes-Benz Classes E, S, ML and GL 2011 or later
We reserve the right to add, remove or modify approved vehicle classes at our own discretion, at any time.
Please Note: If you are having difficulties registering or uploading documents, these can be alternatively emailed to directly using ‘Sign-up’ as your subject line.
How To Use The Pincab App

To begin a fare:

  • Login to the app and hit the Go Online button to be able to receive requests.
  • Requests will be received as a Notification showing the person’s pickup details – You will have 30 seconds to accept the request before it expires and will be no longer available to you.
  • Accept the ride and proceed to pick-up the passenger at their submitted location.
  • Upon pickup, verify all details with the passenger – ensuring you’ve picked up the correct person.
  • The passenger will inform you of their desired destination – Hit the Start Trip button.
  • Upon arrival at the destination, press the End Trip button.
  • Enter the fare plus any applicable extras to collect payment and submit an invoice.
  • You are then able to provide a rating to the passenger based on your experience travelling with them.
  • Payment is automatically transferred to your preferred account weekly.

Remarkable Security and Safety

Pincab uses 2048-bit Key RSA security and encryption measures to safely and securely transfer personal and confidential data online.