Introducing Pincab! - Travel Around Melbourne a Different Way.

We’re an Australian ride share company offering two service classes. Our customers have the option to travel with our standard Taxi+ transportation, or ride in luxury with our premium, Executive style driven by professional chauffeur drivers.

Pincab allows drivers the flexibility to accept fares when they want, while passengers have access to a platform to ride at their own convenience – 24 hours a day!

We also apply a fun and enjoyable approach for our drivers and customers, scoring them using our Pincab Points system. Passenger and driver scores awarded can be compared with other Pincab users across Melbourne!

The free Pincab app is now available for download. After a quick, in-app registration you can start riding in minutes!

Simplicity and Convenience
  • At Pincab, we’re all about reliability, flexibility and convenience. Rest assured you’ll travel safely and in style. Compulsory driving record criteria must be met by all of our drivers. This includes satisfying tough licensing conditions, and passing strict background checks.
  • We’ve also implemented measures of in-app security to protect yourself as a passenger along with your personal details.
  • Our app is purposely designed for booking simplicity. Its super-user-friendly functionality allows you to request drivers in real time!
  • This means estimated driver arrival times are more accurately calculated for our two categories of ride-share services – Taxi+ and Executive.
Our Unbeatable Value

Pincab’s Executive service is at least 20% cheaper than riding with our competitor. Our passengers can potentially save up to 35% on their trip depending on the distance and time travelled with us!